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Learn before start, whats the drone? and how to start a drone business? Ask our experts they give a clarity to your questions.

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Our expert drone consultancy team brings a wealth of experience across commercial, safety, legal and technical aspects of the UAV eco-system. Drone Destination’s team of aviation pioneers are experienced in both manned and unmanned aviation, and will help you identify, design and implement bespoke drone-based solutions.

From knowing which drone and what equipment is needed, to establishing safety management systems, to developing long-term drone strategies, we have helped our clients build drone competence development programs.

Needs Assessment

Our experts map your drone needs based on use case, industry requirements, regulations in country of operation, and more.

Drone Strategy

Our Drone programs differ from one organization to another. We help you develop an overarching drone strategy that works for your needs.

Drone Deployment

We work with you to implement the defined drone strategy. Our approach to process development and personnel training will help you efficiently scale your drone program.

Regulatory Compliance

In this emerging field, drone laws and regulations are constantly evolving around the world. Our experts can help you navigate the complexities of changing drone regulations.

International Collaborations

Our partnerships and knowledge of international laws and regulations are great assets. Use our expertise to set up effective global drone collaborations.

Reselling Opportunities

We can help you take necessary steps prior to reselling your drone technology. These include complying with regulatory guidelines, evaluating marketplaces and buyers, and updating registration information.

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Drones, also known as “unmanned aerial vehicles” (UAVs), are rapidly becoming indispensable tools in a variety of industries. The global drone market is expected to grow 57.5% by 2028.

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