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Quadcopter Micro – Drone

This quadcopter Unmanned Aerial vehicle can be used for security and surveillance purpose. The important features include less weight, easy handling characteristics, portable GCS etc. The empty weight less than 2kg and a payload of upto 400 grams can be added with a 25 minutes endurance. The system can be packed easily and carried like a backpack for different terrain operations.


Approved by DGCA

Gasoline Powered

Long Endurance

RGB / Thermal Camera Payload

Easy to Carry

Compact Box

We build the Military grade and light weight box for quad-copter micro drone. You can carry any type of vehicle and any type of weather like your back bag.



Datalink Disconnect

Low Battery

GPS Signal Fails

Altitude Angle Over limit


Applications for Helicopter Drones

Surveillance & Monitoring

Survey & Mapping Applications

Industrial Monitoring

Rescue & Disaster Management

Wild life & Forest Department


Speed, Altitude, Endurance, Battery, GPS, Payload


Maximum Weight – 45 kg
Operating Speed – 3-6 m/s
Altitude – 0.5-5 m (Adjustable)
Endurance – 45 minutes
Payload – 16 liters


No. of Motors – 4
No. of Propellers – 4
Controller – Joystick Based


Nozzle Type – Atomizer Type
No. of Nozzles – 4
Spray width – 2-4 m (Adjustable)
Acres Cover in 1 hour – Minimum 10 Acres


Power System – Engine
Type of Fuel – Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity – 3 liters
Back up – Li-Po Batteries

Drones, also known as “unmanned aerial vehicles” (UAVs), are rapidly becoming indispensable tools in a variety of industries. The global drone market is expected to grow 57.5% by 2028.

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