Drone technology innovation and a strong drone ecosystem in Tamil Nadu.​

To make Tamil Nadu the hub for knowledge centre to become the Leader in delivery of cutting-edge drone services including mapping, surveillance, disaster management, agriculture, designing, and manufacturing etc.



The Drone Corporation selling  drone as a products for commercial and non-commercial uses with custom requirements.



We provide drones services for agriculture, mapping, surveillance and, rescue, monitoring, fire fighting and inspection and more…



The drone consultancy team brings a wealth of experience across commercial, safety, legal and technical aspects of the UAV Eco-system.


Tamil Nadu Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Corporation was started on 25th Jan 2022 under Tamil Nadu State Government. Inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu at Anna University, Guindy, Chennai. We provide drones as a service, products and consultancy.

Drone Products & Services

We Provide Drone Products, Services & Consultancy.

Tamil Nadu Drone Corporation was started in 25th Jan 2022. Inaugurated by the Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu at Anna University, Guindy, Chennai.

TNUAV Corporation Under by Tamil Nadu State Government

We serve drone products and services over two decades. We made a World Record for Long Endurance Drone in the year of 2018 and we received awards from Indian Govt and International competitions.

Explore Drone Products

TNUAV Corp has 10+ types of drones with ready to deploy. Use the drones for various applications like agri, surveillance, mapping, transport, and more applications.

Agriculture Sprayer Drone

Empowering Farmers

Drone corporation run multiple type of projects & MoU with all state governments. TNUAVC initiate drones for agriculture & spraying. That’s help to protect former’s from the pesticide related skin issues and also help to increase their productivity.

The Drone Spray up to 10 acres in 1 hour

The total spraying tank capacity of drone is 14 liters and fuel tank capacity is 5 liters. Endurance up to 45 minutes.

Agriculture Sprayer


Overall Ratings

Hybrid engine with long endurance. Spray up to 14 liters and fuel capacity is 5 liters.

Vendors Registrations

Tamil Nadu Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Corporation (TNUAVC) is planning to Enlist Drone related Companies for Drone Products and Services to develop an ecosystem for Drone based R&D, Start-ups and Innovation in the State of Tamil Nadu. 

For the first time in India, Tamil Nadu Drones  are widely used for various applications since 2012.

Bharat Ratna Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam
Former President of India.

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